terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

Summer delight, programming blocks at Rio, 2 questions and 1 order it to be!

It's summer, it's carnival. Warmth, joy and passion are on the rise. Wath a delicius! Anything can happen. And for sure water, sunscreen and condoms matches the season and the revelry.

Filtered water to drink and hydrate the body. Sunscreen to protect skin, suffering like a dumb with high temperatures and burns even without being on the beach. Condoms to prevent diseases and unplanned pregnancies, of course ...

Water, sunscreen and condoms should have reduced tax at this time, after all, are essential to enjoy the summer and carnival with basic security for body, skin and future.

Bueno, to do not lose the booty, i get the street's blocks programming  for those who are at my wonderful  city [that is almost a piggery by so much  garbage dropped on the sidewalks, sand, water].


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