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landslides and floods

Landslides and floods are occurring in different places in Brazil. Rio, Duque de Caxias, Angra dos Reis, Nova Iguaçu, at Rio de Janeiro; Várzea do Tietê, Cunha, Vale do Paraiba, at Sao Paulo; at Santa Catarina. It is raining a lot, and this summer is expected to be with much heat and much more rain.
The rain will still be blamed for many more tragedies? Rain is not subject to this case.
In the news, journalists and publishers insist on blaming the rain (rain disrupts, rain floods, rain kills), and take the opportunity to swell the audience of the media exploiting the appeal of por the the victims. And it helps? No. Help show the decoration of the party’s end at the inn hit by landslides in Ilha Grande, Angra, the video posted on the website of the girl who died, the memories of friends, or just satisfy the morbid human curiosity and yield more?
What helps is to constrain what they fail to make on public officials: housing, education, welfare, planning, urban management, geotechnical, drainage, garbage collection.
In the thrill jointly, although we are unable to claim the proper application of public money from who has the obligation to care for the environments in which we live. They are the authorities (that i call ôtoridades) we elect, who have the technical government agencies, but prefer to do bad politics, to create elections folds and to leave the population unprotected at a drift of what is actually natural. What is not natural is people build, operate and/or live where should not, where we can not build, where it is not safe to live or holidays.
Give a heard the comment of André Trigueiro at CBN:

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